We not only service weddings, but we are masters at capturing any event. Whether you have a baby shower, bridal shower, quinceanera, Granny's 90th birthday party, or anything in between, I would love to  be there! I believe that every event is a milestone that deserves to be captured. And you will receive the quality of work, to match the quality of life you put into it. I promise!



This service is actually complimentary when you book a wedding with us! So if you decide later on that you would like for me to capture your big day, we simply discount this amount off the end of your total! This service is amazing for anyone that just wants to experience what a session with me would be like. There is a sea of wonderful talent out there, so I completely understand the hesitancy. I can assure you that you will know right away if we are a good fit for each other. It's a relationship, not just a job!



THIS IS MY LIFE! I absolutely adore weddings. There is something special about them. It renews my own fire within my heart, it allows me to be part of an amazing new beginning. It allows me to experience a whole new experience. Every wedding is unique. In ever way. It is your special touches in physical form. It is the way you picture your love for each other. It's just...ahhh... amazing.. 



Question :: Do you travel? If so, what is your mileage restriction?
Answer :: YES!! We LOVE to travel! We will go anywhere! We have passports ready to go! Mileage is not added for destination weddings, because I don't like to be difficult, but if you are having a more local wedding, mileage begins outside of Brazos county lines and are charged at .54 cents a mile. 

Question :: What is the average cost of Wedding Photography today? 
Answer ::This is such a broad question that I actually get. From my experience working with others, I would say the average is around $4,000. Now, it depends on who you hire. You have ones just starting out. That will do it for MUCH lower amounts. But you will risk losing very important photos. There are amateurs who know how to work a camera, but more then likely don't really know how to manage a wedding day. Or their work is not consistent. And then there is photographers like myself, who put pride in their work. Who will deliver consistency and will bring your vision to life. You have to look at the big picture, and not put a price tag on quality. 

Question :: Have you ever shot at my wedding venue? If not, will you visit before the day of?
Answer :: So, I have shot at a variety of weddings in the area. However I obviously have not shot at all of them. I work pretty well with venues, so anytime you book somewhere just let me know and I will contact them to go scout out the hot spots that we will visit during your wedding day.

Question :: Do we receive a USB with the images, or do we have to schedule a printing order session?
Answer :: We will give you a custom engraved USB with all the good final images on it. However, we do offer ordering sessions as well.

Question :: Do you give out the unedited images as well as the edited?
Answer :: In short, No, I do not give unedited images. When you hire me as your photographer, I assure you will receive the best of the best images as part of your package. I have been shooting for over 12 years, so I have perfected a style that I try to stick with. It's my brand and I prefer people to know my work when they see it. And not that your own edits will look "bad" on it, they just will not match my style, and that's what you hired me for isn't it? 

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