I am passionate about life. We only have one opportunity at this thing to make it amazing. I am a mother to two boys, a dog mom to a blue tick hound, and a wife, to the hardest working man I've ever known. I am a stay at home working mom, who manages. Somehow. I love Jesus. I will pray over you anytime you need, just ask. I love to sit outside on a breezy day and read a good book, while watching my kids throw water balloons at each other. Life for me is very "chillaxed" but we have fun doing it!
We also LOVE to travel. So bring us to you! We make this life goal to show our kids the world. Travel is in our nature! We love to bring them along every where we go. Not to your wedding obviously, but they are somewhere exploring and loving life. My husband is a big Golfer. So that's usually how he spends his time on our trips is on the golf course. 
I also absolutely love the people I work with. We make a great team. I even hired them to shoot my wedding in Key West! If that's not love, I don't know what is. I'll have a detail page about them soon. We have a great time at all of our weddings. And we would love to be part of yours

Mom, wife, traveler, lover of Jesus

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The wedding  and family photos you see on this page are actually ones Laura took! So basically, you get great photographers, and videographers for your big day.
My husband will tell you otherwise, but I'm actually quite an easy person to please. Seriously just take me to the beach. Or to the mountains. Or let me just go shoe shopping in peace. Take me to get chips and queso. Or to the movies. It's really not that hard. Just don't ask me where I want to eat dinner. I will always say I don't care.  My favorite things are watching my kids play barefoot outside, staring at the moon while we drive at night. Waking up at the crack of dawn to go walk on the beach. Lying in a hammock to take a nap by the lake. And just being present in the now. So much gets lost when we aren't paying attention. Stay humble. Find a good book. Have movie nights with your family. And always remember to put Jesus first. In everything I do, I pray on it. I believe it. I receive it. 

Jeremiah 29:11

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